No matter what age children can also need support when faced with death, bullying or family issues. It has been proven that if these issues are left it can  have life....


There are times that life can be very difficult. This can be caused by so many different factors: work, stress, illness, relationships, bereavement...


Life can be stressful and sometimes communication breaks down . We begin to live parallel lives, under the same roof ,taking each other for...

Family Therapy

Unfortunately there are times when a family hits a crisis and they struggle to see a way forward.

When you are personally and emotionally...

Self Harm

Sometimes this can be a release of all the stress and emotions that are going on within your life. But this can come at a cost with unsightly scars. There are...

Mental Health

At times our life can just get to the point where things begin to wear you down. Be it work or personal issues. Today’s society recognises that this...


There will be a time in everyone’s life when you lose a close member of your family or a close friend due to death. This can be expected...


All counsellors need supervision, whilst as a student and once you have qualified. I am able to offer that very important support...

Eating Disorders

The one of the biggest and bravest steps for  someone with an eating disorder  to admit to themselves is that....

Stress & Anxiety

These are very common issues that people seek out counselling for. Stress and Anxiety can cause a huge impact within...

Domestic Abuse

I work for a charity that supports people I these very difficult situations and feel I have the experience to help...

Solution Focus

This is a short term form of therapy that can help you move forward and be more positive with in your life. It is especially effective with...

My Approach

I trained as person centred counsellor . This means that you are in control of our sessions and I will work with whatever you wish to talk about when we meet.

However, over the last twenty years I have also expanded  my knowledge in other theories.

About me

I trained as a Person-Centred Counsellor and also have a degree in Therapeutic Counselling. This enables me to offer a variety of therapeutic approaches to help my clients on their own personal journey


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